My Epicuriosity

Raised in adobo and sisig, there was never a shortage of fried and fat in my household. Not to shun my cultural heritage, but one cannot live on pork belly alone. But having tried almost everything, from gourmet, to the most decadent, and even the bizarre, I find myself going back to the those unexplored, unassuming, eat-with-your-hands holes in the wall. I’m not saying NO to fine dining and gourmet, I will never turn my back on “you”, but LA has more to offer than places that can break your bank. This blog is all about these places, but is primarily not to rate them, but more of sharing the moments I made when there is food on the table, and friends and family around it. I may slip and fall, give in to the hype, if so I’d like to be reigned in please.


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