Octopus, Glendale 

For the sushi lovers out there. Here’s a little delicious serving of Octopus in Glendale. I wanted to share one of my favorite places to go to for sushi. It’s just a laid-back, unpretentious, casual place where friends and I can have inexpensive yet fresh sushi, be served by really friendly and accommodating wait staff, and enjoy drinks and conversation ’til we finally give up. It’s not really one of those where they blow you off the water, but sometimes simple and generic, like a chain restaurant such as Octopus, is as gratifying as authentic and high-end. Here are the photos and I hope you all enjoy and salivate as much as I do whenever I get a peek at them:




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6 responses to “Octopus, Glendale 

  1. Jane

    Love the photos. It’s better than a slideshow. And it does look fresh. More please.

  2. Mario1212

    It doesn’t look “generic” to me. It is a chain restaurant but it looks fresh and very high-end. Smoked salmon? Red snapper? Oyster shooters? Not something a hole-in-the-wall place on the corner or at the mall would have. I can’t wait to go there now.

  3. great pics, definitely passed salivating and onto drooling. haha. never had an oyster shooter before, so intrigued. thanks for sharing.

  4. thanks to everyone that commented…i do try and take good photos using just my 3.2megapixel blackberry…i really don’t use a camera…to much time…i usually would like to devour immediately. @lynn…the oyster shooter is fresh oyster in a brine, slightly sour to contrast the sweet with a quail egg on top and you take it as a shot…yummy.

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  6. Hi. Do you know any places in the South that serve octopus or any place that it can be ordered and shipped within the U.S.? Ever since trying octopus in Korea, I have craved it.

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